Nonlinear Analysis

Structures can present complex and uncertain responses due to multiple factors and phenomena like:

  • Presence of damage

    Cracking, yielding…

  • Soil-structure interaction

    Or with vicinity structures, services…

  • Combination of materials
  • Presence of joints
  • Use of advanced materials

    Fiber reinforced concrete, textiles, shape memory alloys,...

  • Use of dampers and energy dissipators

In these cases, it becomes especially relevant to:


Detailed and adequate knowledge of the problem’s REALITY

Procedures and tools commonly used in structural analysis and design are unable to adequately consider the complex described phenomena.

Nonlinear structural analysis is defined as a set of techniques and procedures that allow a realistic simulation of the structure’s behavior.

In this field, computational simulations are practically essential. There are different levels of complexity and sophistication depending on the phenomena and physical mechanisms considered. The top current technique is the detailed finite elements simulation, which represents the most powerful and adaptable tool to study different cases and scenarios.

Iktes provides its experience and knowledge in nonlinear analysis and detailed finite elements simulation to:

  • Analyze, simulate and comprehend the nonlinear response of structures

  • Propose satisfactory / optimized solutions based on the governing phenomena and the functional requirements.

Oaxaca after 8.2Mw earthquake

Some images taken during a structural damage reconnaissance mission in Oaxaca (México), after the 8.2Mw Tehuantepec earthquake occurred at September 7th, 2017.

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