Damaged structures

When damages appear in a structure, the following questions quickly arise:

  • What caused it? Who may be responsible?

  • Is it safe in its current state? Can it stay like this? Or immediate action is needed?

  • Could there be further damage that cannot be seen?

  • What is the residual capacity of the structure?

  • How can it be repaired or retrofitted?

Nonlinear Analysis is the necessary tool to adequately respond to these questions.

The capacity to simulate the initiation and propagation of damage is essential when determining its influence on the performance of the structure.

As examples, two different success stories using nonlinear analysis to evaluate damaged tunnels and underground structures are presented by clicking in the next images:

Iktes offers its knowledge and expertise in the behavior of damaged structures and their nonlinear analysis through detailed finite element simulations to:

  • Study of causes and mechanisms producing the structure’s damage  -  Forensic structural engineering

  • Simulation of materials’ deterioration process and their influence on the structural response

  • Remaining resistance capacity assessment, and potential damage in non-visible zones

  • Study and proposal of satisfactory solutions according to the actual structure state and intervention possibilities

Oaxaca after 8.2Mw earthquake

Some images taken during a structural damage reconnaissance mission in Oaxaca (México), after the 8.2Mw Tehuantepec earthquake occurred at September 7th, 2017.

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