Advanced simulation through detailed finite element models is an ideal option for the optimization of structures and structural elements since it allows:

  • 1

    Realistic consideration of the involved phenomena

  • 2

    High level of detail

  • 3

    Variability of parameters and calculation repeatability

These qualities are used to carry out parametric studies, with the aim of evaluating the influence of different material or geometric characteristics, and to achieve an optimized configuration of the structure in terms of cost and/or performance.

Iktes offers its experience and knowledge in the behavior of structures and in the use of advanced simulation techniques in:

  • Creation of high detail models to thoroughly study the behavior of structures and structural elements

  • Supplement experimental studies through numerical simulations (Numerical testing)

  • Parametric studies to determine the influence of different materials and phenomena involved in the structural response

  • Optimization of structures and structural elements, beside their fabrication and application processes

  • Product development for high technology components

Oaxaca after 8.2Mw earthquake

Some images taken during a structural damage reconnaissance mission in Oaxaca (México), after the 8.2Mw Tehuantepec earthquake occurred at September 7th, 2017.

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